As a locally founded company, Cultiv8 Creative takes great pride in our community and is always committed to not only the betterment of Baton Rouge but also making a difference in our world as a whole. We believe that given the right support, mentorship, training, and/or financial investment, that anyone can be empowered.


Giving Back

At our core we believe in using the skills we've been given to make an impact. We chose to do this by supporting causes we believe are truly making a difference around the world. Each year we will donate a percentage of our total profits to each organization.


Children’s Cup, originally founded in Prairieville, La, provides water & food, medical care, education, and economic development skills to children in Mexico, Honduras, and Swaziland. Children’s Cup is currently developing a program that will provide high schoolers the skills to sustaining themselves and their families economically once graduating out of the program.

A21 is a global organization committed to abolishing modern day slavery. In addition to preventing human trafficking, the organization rescues women, men, and children out of sex-trafficking and provides them with restorative aftercare.

Samaritan’s Purse is a global organization that provides feeding programs, medical care, crisis & disaster response, water & sanitation assistance, and economic resources and training in more than 100 countries around the world.

Local Involvement

Being part of a community means being in the community. 

Throughout the year you can find us at a number of local events in and around Louisiana. We thrive on the interactions and opportunities surrounding these various events and hope to see you there.



We're always looking for ways to be more involved in our community. If you're part of a local organization looking for volunteers, please feel free to reach out.